The STERNSTEIGER Team is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Diana Gold cutlery series on Kickstarter. The campaign will go live on September 15th 2022 at 3 PM CEST / 9 AM EST.

Below you can find some initial glimpses of Diana Gold and also the opportunity to sign up in order to get notified when the campaign goes live.

Tradition meets Grace

Our Team of Product Designers at STERNSTEIGER is always striving to bring our products to the next level. The Diana Gold line of cutlery products is our attempt to elevate a product that is close to our hearts to the next level.

It is Goold!

The Diana Gold line of products is based on our well received Daina 18/10 Stainless Steel series and is being plated with 22/24 karat Gold using a highly durable process from Solingen in Germany.

Gold does not equal Gold

The new Diana Gold line of products features three variants: a) the Golden-Edge variant where only the edges of the cutlery is getting gold plated, b) the Partly-Gold variant that has all the handles plated in gold and c) the fully gold plated variant.

Interested? Then visit Diana Gold on Kickstarter!

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